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M35 Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Earphone

৳ 510.00

M35 Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Earphone with Charging Box

  • Model: M35
  • Chip version: Jerry 5.16976/6963
  • Functional performance: automatic startup and pairing, regardless of master and slave, touch control, good pairing, good stability, and good sound quality. Operation and use: double-click to pause/play, triple-click the upper left song and the next right song, short press for 3 seconds to call the Siri voice assistant function
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Effective straight-line distance: 10 meters
  • Speaker: φ10
  • B-attery: polymer lithium B-attery, earphone 40mah, charging compartment 400mah
  • Play time: single ear: 3-4H; opposite ear: 3-4H
  • Standby time: 100H for one ear, 60H for the opposite ear
  • Full charge time: about 1 hour for earphones, about 2 hours for charging compartment
  • Color: black, white
  • Carton size: 42*28*37CM GW:12.5kg 100pcs/cn Single package size: 13.5*8.1*3.5cm GW: 120g
  • Headphone size: 3.1cm*2.18cm, cradle size: height 4.6cm*thickness 2.2cm*width 6cm


  • Packing/Charging box ×1
  • English manual ×1
  • TWS headset ×1


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